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Heat exhaustion symptoms include heavy sweating, weakness, cold, pale or clammy skin, a fast or weak pulse, nausea or vomiting, and fainting. Individuals who have symptoms of heat exhaustion should move to a cooler location, lie down, loosen clothing, sip water, and apply cool, wet cloths to help cool the body down. Seek medical attention if vomiting begins, or if symptoms get worse or last longer than one hour. Pets can also be affected by exposure to the toxins and thus owners should not allow pets to drink or swim in the water. The Rhode Island Department of Health is advising consumers that Pepperidge Farm is recalling four varieties of Goldfish crackers. A seasoning that is applied to these crackers has been the subject of a recall due to the potential presence of Salmonella.

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“Rhode Island’s vaccination team has done the work to ensure we’re prepared to get these booster shots in arms as soon as possible. I received my booster shot a few weeks ago, and I encourage eligible Rhode Islanders to do the same. Vaccination is key to our recovery.” Infants below the age of six months who drink water containing nitrate in excess of the maximum contaminant level could become seriously ill and, if untreated, may die. Nitrate is a concern for infants because they can’t process nitrates in the same way adults can. RIDOH, CRMC, and DEM have worked with Potter Pond shellfish growers to mitigate the presence of birds near shellfish growing areas in Potter Pond. Over the past several weeks regular analysis of shellfish meats and water samples have verified that the bacteria levels in shellfish harvested from Potter Pond have returned to levels that are safe for harvest and consumption of shellfish. “In working with our health systems in Rhode Island, it has become abundantly clear that hospital overcrowding has emerged as a priority concern for the state,” said Executive Office of Health & Human Services Assistant Secretary Ana Novais.

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To date, Tris Pharma, Inc. has not received any reports of adverse events related to the lots of product that are the subject of this recall and there have been no reports of related illness in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island Department of Health is alerting consumers that Tris Pharma, Inc. has voluntarily recalled three lots of Infants’ Ibuprofen Concentrated Oral Suspension, USP 50 mg per 1.25 mL, to the retail level. The recalled lots of the product have been found to potentially have higher concentrations of ibuprofen. Federal and state health officials have been conducting traceback activities for a sample of Jennie-O brand ground turkey in an intact, unopened package from a case-patient’s home.

Coli bacteria indicates that the water may be contaminated with human or animal waste. Listeria monocytogenes is an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Lucky House collected a sample in the water system on November 19, 2019 that had E.

Raw Diet Cat Food Recalled Because Of Listeria Risk

Vapes may be used more frequently because they are easier to hide and may expose users to more nicotine. The FDA and poison control centers receive voluntary adverse experience reports about tobacco products. After examining reports between 2010 and early 2019, the FDA determined that there were 35 reported cases of seizures mentioning use of e-cigarettes within that timeframe. Due to the voluntary nature of these case reports, there may be more instances of seizure in e-cigarette users than have been reported. Formative research conducted for Over the Dose VT and Rescue Agency revealed that high-risk young adults ages 18 to 25 perceived opioids as carrying little to no risk for occasional, recreational use because they did not know what opioids are or how opioids could harm them.

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NASHVILLE – Stephen Espy has been named director of the Office of Informatics and Analytics and chief data officer for the Tennessee Department of Health. In this position, Espy will provide oversight of the management and governance of the public health data for the state. The Department recommends that children with underlying conditions are the best candidates for the COVID-19 vaccine. This follows Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo’s announcement at a roundtable hosted yesterday by Governor Ron DeSantis. In addition to the healthcare workers in these facilities, all licensed EMS practitioners who have not been vaccinated against the flu must wear masks when engaged in direct patient contact. (It is often called by other names, such as viral gastroenteritis, stomach flu, and food poisoning.) Norovirus is found in the stool and vomit of an infected person.

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The research included extensive national surveys and focus groups among youth, including research in Rhode Island to bring a local perspective to the campaign. Rhode Island is currently the only state to invest in a significant local media buy to ensure greater reach and frequency of these campaign messages. Through this partnership with Truth Initiative®, Rhode Island was chosen as a site for some of the formative research used to develop the campaign. This involved focus groups and pre-testing of concepts with Rhode Islanders to measure attitudes about prescription opioid misuse and dependence. In addition, Rhode Island will be instrumental in the evaluation of the national campaign to determine whether the messages are shifting knowledge and attitudes about prescription opioids.

Consumers are warned not to use the product even if it does not look or smell spoiled. “East Bay Community Action Program is honored to have been chosen as the backbone agency for the East Providence Health Equity Zone,” said Capotosto. The Rhode Island Department of Health launched Rhode Island’s annual flu immunization campaign today in collaboration with community partners, including East Bay Community Action Program and members of the East Providence Health Equity Zone community collaborative. Dr. Ailis Clyne, Medical Director of RIDOH’s Division of Community Health and Equity, discussed the dangers of the flu and the importance of flu shots for everyone older than six months of age. Anyone with trouble breathing or chest pain should seek immediate medical attention.

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People should also be careful not to ingest water or eat fish from this water body. The Rhode Island Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Management are advising people to avoid contact with Wenscott Reservoir in North Providence, due to blue-green algae blooms. The Rhode Island Department of Health and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management are advising people to avoid contact with Lower Melville Pond in Portsmouth due to a blue-green algae bloom. An advisory for Upper Melville Pond has been in place since August 20 and remains in effect. In hospitals, RIDOH recommends no visitation, except for people who are essential to a patient’s care. Examples of visitors who are essential to a patient’s care are a support partner for someone in labor, and a family caregiver for someone with dementia or a developmental disability.

Reuters provides business, financial, national and international news to professionals via desktop terminals, the world’s media organizations, industry events and directly to consumers. DSHS has launched Read Also Health Tips a new Variants and Genomic Surveillance dashboard for SARS-CoV-2, replacing the variant count table previously located on this page. You can view the platform at