Watch a Health Influencer Get Wrecked by the World’s Strongest Man’s Exercise

Watch a Health Influencer Get Wrecked by the World’s Strongest Man’s Exercise

Photograph credit score: YouTube

YouTuber and bodybuilder Matt Morsia, aka MattDoesFitness, and his brother Ben, just lately visited Scotland to spend the day coaching with the present World’s Strongest Man title holder Tom Stoltman and his strongman brother Luke. After agreeing to swap diets for the day, the Stoltmans then coach Matt and Ben via a collection of typical strongman occasions.

The primary occasion is the yoke stroll. Provided that the wood body right here is specifically made for the Stoltman brothers, it weighs 440 kilos earlier than they even add weight, and Matt is just simply capable of get his arms round it—though he’s then capable of carry 660 kilos.

For the second spherical, the Stoltmans take Matt and Ben exterior for his or her model of the sandbag throw, which includes hurling a beer keg up over their heads, with the aim of clearing the crossbar of a rugby goalpost.

Subsequent up are farmer’s walks. “The trick to doing a farmer’s stroll is mainly simply squeezing your arms as laborious as you’ll be able to, selecting them up, and strolling with it,” says Tom. “Simply squeeze your arms as laborious as you’ll be able to. It is easy!”

Luke provides that it is vital to grip the deal with of the load within the center for steadiness, to have interaction the lats, and to take brief, managed steps. They frequently add weight to the body, till Matt maxes out at simply over 300 kilos. “I really feel like a cheese string,” he says. “Like an absolute mess.”

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The ultimate occasion is Atlas stones, and each Matt and Ben are capable of do steady reps with a 264-pound stone, so then Tom brings out 308 kilos, which is the place Ben reaches failure.

“Matt picked it up prefer it was a plastic ball,” says Tom. “It is huge, particularly after doing all these reps… It is nice to see these guys right here doing strongman stuff.”

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